Empowering independent education content creators and maximizing advertising outcomes for sponsors.

Who We Are

Leading Educational Artists Representation Network (LEARN Media) seeks to maximize advertising outcomes for both content creators and sponsors.

We are content creators, marketers, and data people that make running a new social campaign as easy as pi.

Our Clients

Our content creators have worked with many of the top companies in the educational space

Our Values


We ensure your online presence is diversified and specified to audiences on several platforms.


Data transparency is one of our core values. We share all aggregate metrics with our creators.


Alexander Freberg

Christina Stathopoulos

Dhaval Patel

Greg Coquillo

Joshua Starmer

Keith Galli

Ken Jee

Luke Barousse

Mikiko Bazeley

Nicholas Renotte

Ravit Jain

Richmond Alake

Shashank Kalanithi

Sundas Khalid

Tina Huang


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