LEARN empowers individual content creators in the educational space. From creators to creators.

Right now, there isn’t a clear roadmap for how to manage your content business. Our job is to help you get the most out of your social presence without compromise. Our team finds the best deals for you and brings them straight to your inbox. You can be sure that what we bring will be at market rate or better and will have your best interests in mind.

We have 20+ years negotiating contracts. We will make sure that your engagements are all as favorable as possible for your long term goals.

We won’t just bring new opportunities to you, we can also help you to get the fairest rates on your pre-existing sponsorships and direct reach-outs.


Why Work With Us ?

Increased number and quality of brand deal opportunities

Accurate valuation and compensation associated with your brand

Negotiation and administrative help around sponsorships

Opportunity to be a part of large international commercial campaigns

Individual brand growth through community collaboration

Interested in working with a brand? We reach out to them for you with the leverage of multiple creators

Creator resources and know-how (legal, taxes, editing, graphic design, etc.)


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